Phoenix Search

Recruitment and selection

Our Aproach

Each search assignment begins with a study of the position to be filled, the company’s goals, values, culture, and environment. Although we may have an understanding of the client’s organization from previous work, we take nothing for granted. We review it again in the context of the current situation. Only then the search begins. The key steps we follow are:

  • We define with our client detailed job specifications and the characteristics the ideal candidate should have.

  • We formulate a list of target organizations to conduct the search. This will be defined as our target market.

  • We research the targeted organizations.

  • As other leads develop from qualified sources we extend the search into other target areas.

  • On the basis of a summary of data provided about every prospect, and working closely with you, we select the best qualified candidates.

  • After submission for your consideration, the finalists are then evaluated and screened through in depth, in-person interviews. They are compared not only for their professional abilities and business records, but also for their personal characteristics. A written report is submitted with all key information related to the prospect including his current compensation scheme, and our opinion regarding the economic offer needed to attract the candidate. Copies of related documents validating candidates claims are also provided.

  • When interest for a specific candidate is confirmed, we suggest a written letter to formalize the offer and terms of employment. If required, we can assist the client in the negotiation process.




We are committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. If one of our candidates resigns for any reason whatsoever or is terminated for unsatisfactory performance, he or she will be replaced without charge if termination occurs within 12 months for the Top Executive and his direct reports. Lower level assignments are guaranteed for a period of 8 months.

Payment Schedule

Our service orientation leads us to charge for our services based on actual results received by the customer, the following payment process and schedule:

Etapas Phoenix Search Otros
Agreement is obtained as to estimate compensation that will be offered to candidates. X X
When a search assignment is received and we have clearly understood the job description, specifications of the position, and have received your agreement to our confirmation letter, we will bill for 1/3 of our estimated fee. This establishes our mutual formal commitment to the search. X X
When presenting a report with our comments and the key information of at least three selected candidates that fit the agreed profile to your satisfaction, we collect 1/3.
At least 3 candidates

The Way they get paid: Time based
When the selected candidate receives a written job offer, and formally accepts the job, we collect the balance. An adjustment to fit the final compensation package agreed with the candidate is made if required.   ?